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Golf Day Keysborough Electric Golf Cart

Leaders in Electric Vehicles & Golf Carts

Part the largest group of electric vehicle manufacturers and suppliers in Australia and has developed a reputation for producing and distributing world-class electric low speed vehicles, golf carts and associated products. We specialise in the sales and service of a wide range of industrial, recreational, utility and people moving electric low speed vehicles, like golf carts. In pursuit of this commitment, C6 Group Electric Vehicles provide desirable, effective and economical transport solutions to the needs of industry, government, commerce and the community.

See the Full Range of EV Carts

Whether you’re needing a golf cart for your resort, caravan park, motel, aged care facility or school, our powerful electric vehicles are for sale, and will be an economic asset to any busy day.

2 Seater Golf Cart

A must have golf cart for every golf course. 


The most versatile vehicle for every industry.

4 SEATer

A versatile people mover, with a full range of accessories and features.

The Ute Explorer

The most versatile vehicle for every industry. This ute has a long tray.


This ute has a short tray can cary a range of items with it’s passengers.

Sporting medical assist

Professional for every sporting group.

2 Seat Laundry Vehicle

Perfect for caravan parks, motels, schools, aged care, and so much more!

We are committed to helping Australian industry and our communities to grow.

Our 2 Factory Locations


Factory 3/58 Mahoneys Rd,

Thomastown, VIC 31


13 Kambouris Ct,

Corio, VIC 3214


There are many fantastic features and customisations of electric vehicles (EVs). All of our quotes are  personalised to match the needs of your business, industry or event.

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